Serial killer Bobby Joe Long, the subject of my book, BOUND TO DIE, was executed at Florida State Prison on May 23, 2019 at 6:22 pm. I arrived at the prison on that day and was directed to a field across from the prison where police were heavily monitoring an anti-death penalty demonstration. It was being conducted like an old time religious revival meeting with singing and speeches that included remarks by priests and Long's son and daughter. She maintained cell phone contact with their mother, who was inside the prison waiting for Long to receive the lethal injection after 34 years on Death Row. Other witnesses in the prison included surviving family members of those murdered by Long and victim Lisa McVey, who had been allowed to live. When his death was announced, I did not have the expected sense of closure, but since I had been involved in researching, writing and speaking about this case for 24 years, I was relieved and thankful that justice had finally been served.
Anna Flowers

Wanton Woman

This is the story of Sue Logue, one of the late Senator Strom Thurmond's early lovers, and the first woman to be executed in South Carolina's electric chair. The case received wide coverage in the Southern press in the 1940s, owing, perhaps, to its salacious aspect.

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